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All about us, our pricing, how the models are printed, and all other info.

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We convert your child’s precious artwork into life-like 3D creations.
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What's Included
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Every order includes:

  • Your child’s artwork as a 4 inch 3D Printed Sculpture
  • An openable diorama case
  • A full-color background insert for the diorama case
  • Lots of love

Complete turnaround from order to delivery is about four weeks.


Size: Around 4 inches (longest measure)

Material: Sandstone. The material is gypsum-based powder that is bound together with an adhesive and simultaneously embedded with an ink jet head. The products are then finished with cyanoacrylate (same stuff super glue is made of) sealant to ensure durability and more vivid colors.

for the first 3D-printed model of each artwork
for each additional print
How The Magic Happens
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Here is a behind-the-scenes sneak-peek at how our talented staff convert a child’s artwork into a 3D-printable rendering.

Product Info
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Our 3D printed sculptures are printed in sandstone through a process known as 3DP.

A layer of sandstone, made of gypsum powder, is printed, dyed by ink, and then covered with a binding agent to stick it to the next layer of powder.

Hundreds of layers are printed, creating a sculpture.

About small space girl

This product is intended as decorative, and is NOT a toy. Keep away from children 3 yrs and younger.

These are delicate, and will break if dropped. Even if you 3D Print a drawing of cake or candy, the sculptures are NOT edible. The material is NOT watertight, and colors will fade when wet.

It is also neither dishwasher safe, nor recyclable. Keep it away from heat and electricity.

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