Artiststhe Artists

We are so fortunate to collaborate with amazing artists on our public pieces and dioramas.


Natalie Draz is a cross-disciplinary artist working across multiple disciplines of printmaking, drawing, installation and fibres. Natalie creates environments of exploration, discovery and transformation; she creates works to tell stories and narratives. Natalie creates works that immerse the viewer in her personalized worldview.

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Serena Muhammed is a student at Parsons The New School for Design in NYC, who does freelance work in her spare time. Her art style varies in forms, but focuses on illustration.

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Janet K Lee

Janet is an artist, award-winning illustrator, and cat-tamer who may or may not have been raised by gypsies in the Black Forrest...
She is the illustrator of Lost Vegas, Dapper Men, Austen comics, Eisner winner, defender of Pye-the very bad cat.

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Jun Han

Jun Han is a costume designer and illustrator. Raised in Shanghai, China, Jun came to the US to follow her passion for Art and Theatrical design.
Jun is doing freelance design both in theater and illustration. Jun is also interested in millinery and fabric painting. Jun's goal is to establish her own brand of shirts and hats with her illustration prints.

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