Professorour Fabulous Story

So I hear you wanna know why we're awesome.
Let me tell you a story.


A long time ago, (a few months ago), Angelina was just a drawing from your child's imagination.


Angelina, you see, was being held captive by the evil Paper, and her two enemies Garbage Can and Scrapbook were coming for her.

Paper monster
Team kcs
Team kcs

Angelina called upon her friends at Kids Creation Station to save her from her enemies. She heard that they had the power to release her from Paper.

Cloud a
Cloud b
Cloud c
Cloud b

Angelina's first stop on her quest was to meet El Digital and visit La Computerdora, his castle in the clouds.


In the castle Angelina and El Digital approached the powerful wizard Fabricator, who cast a spell on Angelina to bring her to life.


Having escaped Paper, Garbage Can, and Scrapbook, Angelina flew on the back of a dragon to her new home where she met your child whose imagination inspired this epic quest.

and everyone lived
happily ever after

- the end -